John Dobbe is the originator of the WCA and the mind behind the original Boulder Bash.  He’s an exceptionally motivated individual and has a love affair with good pastries.  Somehow he manages to still crush at the boulders and we can confidently say he’s done Highly Executed more than anyone else!  Saying he has it wired would be an understatement.

1 – How do you make your living? Focus Boardshop pays the bills and I moonlight as the head route setter at Boulders.

2 – How long have you been climbing? Around 20 years of wrestling rocks.

3 – What’s your favorite route and why? I don’t really rank climbs past maybe really liked it, liked it and didn’t like it. There are a lot of climbs in my really liked category.

4 – What’s your favorite boulder problem and why? Maybe, Highly Executed at the Dodge. Great holds with fun movement and just the right amount of try hard at the end.

5 – What made you want to be a board member of the WCA? I did not like that climbing was not looked at by the DNR as a user group and wanted to change that.

6 – What excites you the most about the future of climbing in Wisconsin? Lots of great new lines out there and so many new people coming in to the fold.

7 – What’s your favorite memory of climbing in the midwest? Boulder Bash 1-8