Chris Eggert is our resident doctor and proud father of 2 fantastic boys. He’s a talented all around climber with impressive sport, trad and bouldering ascents.  Additionally he competes in the biathlon during the winter months, a sport that we at the WCA have affectionately started calling “Buns n Guns”.

1 – How do you make your living? Physician, and model.

2 – How long have you been climbing? 14 years or so. 

3 – What’s your favorite route and why? Son of Great Chimney at Devil’s Lake. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of climbing that. It’s a very aesthetic and engaging climb that can be either lead or toproped, and has a deep DL history behind the first ascent in 1968.

4 – What’s your favorite boulder problem and why? My favorite memory of a boulder problem is doing Beautiful Soup, somewhat unexpectedly, in great company after trying it a handful of times several years in a row. Another memorable one is Jenga, which took me also a few years of sporadic trying, but I truly hate that boulder with all my being and I only like the memory of doing it so that I don’t have to do it again.

5 – What made you want to be a board member of the WCA? Climbing in the upper midwest is a delicate balance between a limited resource and the growing number of people using that resource. The WCA fills many roles but important to me is organizing events while attempting to maintain a positive relationship with the landowners. A wide variety of voices are needed to being ideas and opinions on how to best balance these competing interests. I hope I am useful in that regard.

6 – What excites you the most about the future of climbing in Wisconsin? There is a large and growing interest in bouldering locally here, and it’s only going to get bigger in my opinion. Meanwhile, the route climbing at Devil’s Lake is nearly endless for an individual. A couple new guidebooks coming out soon should only serve to get people better information and spread folks out. The recent American Alpine Club events, as well as the comps organized by the WCA have been great at getting new people to the lake and the Governor Dodge park. The more people we have locally invested, the bigger our voice will be for future access and decision making.

7 – What’s your favorite memory of climbing in the midwest? No particular day, but one of the many days out stacking pads in the talus with friends. Nothing is better than the spring at Devil’s Lake. Well, the spring before the flies hatch anyway.