Adam “Remo” Remus is far and away the most psyched person that any of us have ever met and has been instrumental in the development of bouldering at both Governor Dodge and Devil’s Lake.  Additionally he’s an accomplished sport and trad climber with big ticks on the single pitch and alpine realms.

1 – How do you make your living? I’m the store manager and climbing buyer at Fontana Sports downtown Madison, and I sell fun for a living! I’ve also been a route setter at Boulders Climbing Gym for the last eight years.

2 – How long have you been climbing? 18 years and going strong!

3 – What’s your favorite route and why? The North Arete of Ellingwood Peak in the Wind River range of Wyoming. It’s 5.6 and we did it in 11 pitches, but the first pitch off the ground was a 5.8. Fuzzy and I trained for a long time to do it, more logistically not physically, just to be fast and ready. When we did it, the weather was perfect and the climbing was immaculate! It all just flowed along with perfect granite and bomber gear. Looking back it’s kind of a blur but I do remember some of the 40ft. run-outs and one pitch where I was running out of rope and Fuzzy had to take off the belay and start simul-climbing just to give me slack to reach the next belay. God I love the mountains!

4 – What’s your favorite boulder problem and why? The one I’m projecting. Sounds lame, but really I love the experience of battling something and then finally/hopefully sending! But if I had to name one it would be Sex and Chocolate with a Cherry on Top just because it’s so aesthetic and fun to climb and I have the FA!

5 – What made you want to be a board member of the WCA? We are at a stage where we(climbers) are being recognized as a legitimate user group and climbing is exploding! As a result climbers need a voice and someone to act and speak for the community. Since moving to Madison, I’ve seen the community grow and get much tighter, I suppose the Internet helped that too. I’ve also seen the good and bad from having more people climbing outdoors(mostly good). If we set standards and make the community aware of our impacts than we can move forward and progress our sports and continue to have good relations with the areas we use.

6 – What excites you the most about the future of climbing in Wisconsin? The bouldering potential! But really, it excites me to see the growth climbing is having. This is a great sport and everyone should have the chance to enjoy it. We are blessed with great rock in this state and more people are realizing that Wisconsin is legit!

7 – What’s your favorite memory of climbing in the midwest? Ah, too many! Fuzzy covered one when we did the Tower Tour at the Lake. Who knows when someone will repeat it or do more than we did. Or maybe my 30th birthday challenge of doing 30 boulder problems one day and 30 routes the next, that was a big weekend! But the best memories are with friends. The rock is fun, but the people make the experience that much better!