Saturday was a great day for this year’s Boulder Bash! Thanks to everyone who came out and crushed. It was awesome to see the mix of Madison locals and folks who traveled from far and wide to participate in the event.

 In addition to beautiful weather we had great vibes and lots of enthusiasm. We love seeing people finishing their projects and sending new grades. We were especially pumped to see a few people get their first outdoor climbs under their belts. The thrill of the first top out was a joy for everyone to witness.

Below is the complete list of results from the competition. We tried our best to spell names correctly, but some were difficult to read. We apologize to anyone whose name is spelled incorrectly. Please let us know so we can fix it.


Photo by Steve Schultz


Photo by Sam Zipperer

Division and place name points
Womens intermediate
1st Angela Jennings 1400
womens recreation
1st Rimona 1000
2nd Heather Patterson 925
3rd Sofie Schachter 900
4th Carrie Crow 100
5th Katherine Lemske 50
Mens Advanced
1st Eric Widing 3250
2nd Skyler Frickelton 2850
3rd Mike Chung 2700
3rd Johnathan Brown 2700
5th Datten Lew 2500
6th John Chancellor 2400
7th Braden Simms 850
Mens intermediate
1st Craig Tucker 2500
2nd Eric Kozer 2250
3rd Matt Oldenburg 2150
4th Patrick alla 2050
5th Shaun Hansen 1850
6th Sam Carlson 1700
7th Eli Smith 1500
8th Tom Smilack 625
Mens recreation
1st Jared Kist 1150
2nd Michael Hill 775
3rd Michael Edwards 625
4th Ben Hogan 375
5th Walter F 100
Team Intermediate
1st Beard @ Co. 36 sends
Sarah Levine JJ C
Jason Springer Jake Murray
2nd 20 sends
Win or Lose we’re still going to booze
Jordan Downing Keith K
Mike Sorenson Kate Krchma
3rd Goose Fa 11 sends
? ?
Team Rec
1st Lady Slippers 85 sends
Jeff Beall Matt
Jason Wally
2nd Jug Grabbers 82 sends
George Chandler Wilson Hacker
Christian Schager Sandra Kinzer
3rd Team JACB 64 sends
Bryan Jones Andrew Zintz
Chris Sabotta Joe Schmidt
4th Turd Fergeson 54 sends
Jared Linderud Tanya Oechsner
Landon Schoenmann
5th Chinchilla nose hair jacket 28 sends
Kyle Reger Nick Tekvverk
David Luo Frank Gu

Thanks again to all our Sponsor who gave us some great prizes!

Apex Adventures
Adventure Rock
Boulders Climbing Gym
Mike’s Mix
Kleen Kanteen
La Sportiva
Friction Labs
First Ascent Climbing Gym

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