The weather was perfect, lots of problems were sent, and everyone 
had a great time! It was another successful year at Boulder Bash. 
Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and show support. 
The energy and enthusiasm that everyone brings is what makes this 
event fun. It was awesome to see the Boulder's Climbing Team so 
well represented. We had some first time outdoor climbers and some 
people who had never climbed at Governor Dodge before. Hopefully for 
them, with all the pads and good spotting, this was a good introduction 
to outdoor climbing at Governor Dodge. And for those more familiar the 
"the Dodge" the comp's "climb til you drop" format provided a new 

Since some people wanted their score cards we were not 100% on the Men's 
Beginner places. If you know hit us up and we will make the change. 

Mens Advanced

  1. Peter Bonamici 58 problems 176 points
  2. Chris Esser 42 problems 132 points
  3. Camden Clement 36 problems 103 points

Mens Intermediate.

  1. Skyler Frickelton 16 problems 49 points
  2. Ryan Strong
  3. Mike Draper 19 problems 41 points

Mens Beginner

  1. Jason Ledden 24 problems 33 points
  2. Howard Silvestre 15 problems 22 points
  3. Dallas White 13 problems 20 points

Womens Advanced

  1. Laura Tully-Gustafson 20 problems 39 points
  2. Minda Silvestre 17 problems 30 points

Womens Beginner

  1. Merryn Venugopal 16 problems 30 points
  2. Annie Hughes 14 problems 18 points
  3. Betsy Hathaway 6 problems 6 points
  4. Kelly Hathaway, Natalie Ring, Isabelle Bartholomen 5 problems 5 points
A special thanks to our volunteers and sponsors, 
who help make this event possible.

We hope to see everyone again next year!

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