The Wisconsin Climbers Association had our first event on September 10th 2011 and it was great. Thanks to everyone who camped out and competed or watched the event!! We were super pumped at the out of town support at the event, way to make the drive and come down to crush some boulders. I wanted to thank Andrea Weiler for helping me out with a lot of the set up, this event could not have happened with out her help. Also Thanks to Ben Fellenz for his work on the flier and helping sort out the set up. Thanks to all the sponsors who worked on a very short window of time to get us product for the event. Next time you make a purchase think about the companies that support your local Climbing scene and show your support to them!! More pictures to come! Great endurance climbing from Peter Bonamici climbing 51 of the 61 problems at the event. This was just the tip of the iceberg for the top womens climber Ellen Guller who is getting ready to compete at the 24 hours of horseshoe hell in two weeks. Good luck Ellen!!


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